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Fiona Cutts is an Integrated Energy Healer based in Hebden Bridge, England. She works from home in Hebden Bridge, and also from practice rooms in Central Manchester and Central Leeds. Integrated Energy Healing is based on the idea that we are more than just our physical bodies: we are our energy bodies or auras too. Illness and other conditons manifest first in the energy bodies; by working on the energetic level, energy healing helps to heal the physical. Because it works holistically (that is on the whole person, rather than on particular symptoms), integrated energy healing can be used in a wide range of physical and emotional conditions. I see many clients wityh chronic illness, as well as people dealing with food related issues (addictions, overeating, weight control, bulimia and annorexia), phobias, fears and depression and low mood. I also see people who are dealing with the trauma of bereavement or relationship breakup. I also work with people on the Law of Attraction, manifesting in their lives what they most desire. I work one to one in Manchester, as well as working with people all over the world at a distance, by skype or phone.

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Reflecting on how we heal, and what I see with my clients led me to thinking that healing from a condition such as chronic fatigue syndrome is not like waking up one morning to find that one is

Health & Fitness> Healing Arts l 2 years ago

People often ask me if I can "cure" a particular illness or condition. This article looks at what I consider to be the difference between "curing" and "healing", using my own experience with chronic

Health & Fitness> Healing Arts l 2 years ago

As children, we have experiences which lead us to "false" conclusions about the world. For example, we are ridiculed when we stand up in front of a group of people, and then assume decades later that

Health & Fitness> Healing Arts l 2 years ago

In a previous article, I wrote about the early stages of ME, and how important a ME diagnosis can be for many people. At this stage, it is very common (and completely understandable) to experience a

Health & Fitness> Healing Arts l 2 years ago

This article is about some of the energetic patterning that can be part of the condition chronic fatigue syndrome. In my opinion, this term actually covers a lot of different conditions that have a

Health & Fitness> Healing Arts l 2 years ago

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