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Jeremy O'Carroll

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Jeremy O'Carroll is a traditional Usui, Shamballa and Karuna Reiki Master. Before founding the Om Reiki Centre in Daylesford (Victoria), Australia, he spent many years travelling through Europe, South East Asia and the Sub Continent. In total, he has visited over 25 countries, all of which taught him something in his quest to understand more about human nature.

Jeremy has gained invaluable experience as a teacher, first at the University of Melbourne, where he both tutored and lectured then around Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand where he trained teachers in the Fitzroy Method of learning English.

For the past 15 years his primary focus has been meditation and Reiki, and he has studied both in several countries. He is now a much praised Reiki teacher with a passion for bringing clarity, logic and intuition to an art that often gets trapped in unsubstantiated theory and dogma.

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Sometimes the easiest way to make shifts is to attend a course and be given some structure and support. The most important thing, however, the thing you don't need anyone to help you with, is simply

Health & Fitness> Healing Arts l 2 years ago

The heart chakra governs our ability to give and receive love. It also relates to our ability to show compassion, empathy and caring for others. Healing requires trust and openness on the part of

Health & Fitness> Healing Arts l 2 years ago

Have you ever noticed that while your mind is often willing to focus when meditating, it will generally insist on lapsing into 'dreamland' for the rest of the day? It's almost as if it has

Health & Fitness> Healing Arts l 2 years ago

If we pay all of our attention to the higher chakras but neglect of the lower ones then yes, we may access wondrous realms, realms full of 'transcendental' experiences; but, like the tree without

Health & Fitness> Healing Arts l 2 years ago

Rather than blaming others for society's problems, try taking a positive view in another direction. Try to solve the issue by setting a positive example, rather than resisting a negative cause.

Health & Fitness> Healing Arts l 2 years ago

This article explains that the keys to improving at Reiki are to practise daily and with structure. Extra tips are also given for more advanced students.

Health & Fitness> Healing Arts l 2 years ago

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