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Candace Hui Hoon Ang Reis

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A ex-banker and investor with 8 years of private banking and finance experience. Currently a final year Nursing student in a locally reowned institute. Enjoys writing, savouring good food and loves nature.

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Nothing evokes human emotions more than pure love. Inspired by this true life account, this story will continue to rekindle kinship between mums and their children more than anything else in this

Home & Family> Motherhood l 2 years ago

We cannot stop or delay death and separation. But we can always do our very best to bid our best goodbye and farewell, even if it means a final time. This is one of the greatest devotion Man can ever

Self Improvement> Positive Attitude l 2 years ago

Maintaining a long distance relationship is never an easy task. Check it out with those who have been through it and most of them would probably tell you the same thing. Absence, indeed, makes the

Relationships> Long Distance l 2 years ago

It is a common fact that French is the official language spoken in France. However, not many will know that French is also widely spoken in countries such as, Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg, Switzerland

Reference & Education> Languages l 2 years ago

The theory of distant healing is relatively close to everyday lives. Humans need food to fill the stomach, not only to prevent hunger but also to provide us with a source of energy. Remote healing

Health & Fitness> Healing Arts l 2 years ago

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