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Kate Benson

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KATE BENSON is the International Director of Education for the Society of NLP, the only Licensed Master Trainer of NLP in the field of education and is an internationally recognised trainer in the Education Sector.

Kate founded META in 1999 to run programmes at the leading edge of NLP. She works closely with Richard Bandler promoting his work. As a Director of Matrix Training, she worked for 17 years developing and delivering a wide range of courses focusing on supporting learning, learners, teachers and managers.

With 20 years experience in teaching thousands of teachers to improve the quality of teaching and learning, Kate continues to drive educational excellence through Meta Education. Kate's focus, passion and commitment to education combine perfectly with her expertise in NLP and leading edge educational research. This powerful combination translates into inspirational and transformational results.

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Many people say they can't spell or are poor spellers and one of the most common complaints parents and teachers make is that a child doesn't learn their spellings. The reason for this is mainly that

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