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Kristie M Allison

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Kristie Allison grew up in San Diego, California and Southwest Michigan with a love for all animals. She acquired her first horse at age sixteen and successfully trained her second horse two years later. Her colorful career history began with a job working for the Forestry Service after graduating from high school. The following summer she worked as Head Wrangler for a dude ranch in Montana until the job fizzled out in the winter. To keep connected with the horse industry, she took an apprentice job at a leather repair shop and worked for a couple of stables in Michigan before returning to college to study Business Administration.

Kristie married her childhood sweetheart in 2002 and moved to Arizona. She and her husband operated "Carefree Gardens", a nursery and pond supply facility where they also maintained a non-profit bird rescue organization. At one point, the nursery housed close to 100 birds including Macaws, Peacocks, and a wild roadrunner that would follow Kristie around the nursery waiting for the mice she chased out of the bird aviaries.

In addition to the nursery, she organized a garden club, co-authored weekly newspaper articles "Ask The Carefree Gardener" and hosted a weekly radio talk show with her husband. After selling the nursery in 2006, they founded "JimmyKristie Productions" where Kristie worked as a Producer and was instrumental in the production of "The Carefree Gardener" which was syndicated nationally and internationally.

Currently, Kristie is self-employed and lives with her husband, Craig, and rescued dog, "Bandit" in Arizona. Kristie still maintains her loves of animals and has been involved with various dog and horse rescue organizations.

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