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A brief bio of John Milton Lawrence, former products Pitchman from New York city who, who worked along side Chef Tony Nataro, of Infomercial fame, he sold "as seen on TV products," like the Miracle slicer and Ginsu knives, he worked all over the country, selling to crowds of people, as he honed his craft in selling and public speaking. He decided to move to California in 1996 to work in the entertainment Industry, he worked for his brother, Comedian, Martin Lawrence at Martin's production company Runteldat, first as a personal assistant to Martin, then in script development. John Milton was also given credit as co writer/producer, on Martins comedy CD Talkin Sh-t, as well as having worked on the Fox network hit show Martin, where John Milton, made his acting debut, on one episode of the Martin show, titled, "SCROOGED." Milton also worked on various Movies such as Nothing to Lose, Blue Streak and Rebound, John Milton, formed his own company Golden Empire Publications, and has since written and published thirteen books, John Milton Lawrence is an expert author and public speaker- and founder of "Speak or get Benched," teaching positive self image psychology, he resides in sunny southern California, with his wife Tina, son Jihad and grand daughter, Kaylee Juliana.

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Let me start by telling you my story, and how I discovered a secret that was destined to change my life forever. While being involved in the sales profession very early in my life, from selling a

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