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Chery A Schmidt

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Love What You Do & Do What You Love Mother and grandmother from Wisconsin. Blessed to have my family around me and live in such a beautiful part of the world.

Now, while that might seem a pretty average scenario, if you look a little closer then you'll see that there's a whole lot more to me than mediocre.

You see, life in Wisconsin is wonderful - but there's not a whole lot of industry. That means jobs - especially well-paid jobs - are rather on the lean side. Along with many other folks, I've done many things to earn money in my lifetime Cleaning, waitressing, bar-tending - heck, I've even been a croupier.

But when I ended up as a bar manager building a great team of people, I thought life was pretty set. But one thing I didn't take into account was the callous swipe of the management knife. Literally dumped without a second thought by my employer, it was time to take a long hard look at my life.

No money saved for retirement, the wrong side of 50 and desperately needing to make ends meet.

So, it was back to the part-time job scene. Back to waitressing, back to gardening - even back to looking at other ways of making money - such as MLM and party plans.

But all they achieved was to fill my cupboards with useless products that no-one wanted to buy, and help dwindle my pitiful bank balance even further!

Eventually, and spurred on by the love of my family, I decided there had to be a better way. So, even though I'm not particularly computer literate, I fired up the internet and moved my search online.

And wow, was that the best move I've ever made. And that's what my website is all about - CherysOnlineGamePlan

So, if the online world has piqued your interest as to how you too can use this phenomenal tool to change your life, I'd love to see you there. After all, if I can use the internet to dramatically change my life for the better, why on earth can't you?

I'd love to share my secrets - and tell you how you too can love what you do and do what you love.

Here's to success, here's to happiness

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