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Identifying Intangible Assets - Producing Tangible Results

Who is Ronald M. Allen? Ronald graduated from Prior Park College, Bath, England in 1975 with a diverse background in Commerce and Art. He secured his citizenship to the United States on May 19, 2000.

He had studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology and started his own Interior Design service, Design In Display. Providing Interior Design/Visual Merchandising services in New Jersey and New York City for 7+ years. Ronald also was one of the first interior designers to work with the design house, Donghia out of the D&D Building, providing personal in home interior design services in New York City.

For the past 20 years he has made peace (with himself and a few clients), as a Licensed Mortgage Banker, Licensed REALTOR and Appraiser. Over his career Ronald has received Senate Citations, requests to work with various New Jersey State Departments on housing initiatives and referred to the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs to provide technical assistance on housing issues. He has taught as an adjunct facility teacher at two County Colleges, conducted classes on Home Ownership, Credit and Financial Literacy, Predatory Lending and Licensing for state compliance. He has worked with and on many initiatives.

As the CEO of RMA Group, LLC, Ronald is a Published Author, Keynote Speaker, Consultant addressing the issues we all face ...Managing Life's Changes.

Ronald is married to Miriam Anderson-Allen and two tropical birds (of which Peeka precedes the start of their relationship), three dogs, Cookie, a Cane Cores, Max an American Bull Dog and Russell the all controlling ever vigilant human irritant of fellow neighbors, dogs & cats alike, local Ginny fowl, turkeys, squirrels and anything else that scales their trees, tip-toes on their fences or in any way perambulates their property...

Be Seeing You. RMA

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