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Slava Fuzayloff

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I am board certified in Internal Medicine and Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine practicing in New York City. My schooling includes a degree in Biology from St. John's University in New York and a medical degree from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine.

After medical school, I completed my residency in Internal Medicine at New York Hospital of Queens.

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The world keeps ticking along, as we mere mortals go about our precious lives, each one in a different way, offering varied experience to the great unknown cosmos. That's deep, there's no doubt about

Health & Fitness> Diseases STDs l 2 years ago

Is fast always better? Maybe not when sitting back on a tropical beach, Corona in hand, gazing at a gorgeous sunset, but it surely is when you're waiting for the results of a medical test. Rapid HIV

Health & Fitness> Diseases STDs l 2 years ago

There are typically two reasons a person decides to visit an STD Clinic for testing. One: they've noticed something strange popping up on a delicate part of their body, or Two: someone they've

Health & Fitness> Diseases STDs l 2 years ago

Testing for sexually transmitted diseases is the best way to stop their marauding march. It's an easy thing to understand: people are going to have sexual relations, thus those people are going to

Health & Fitness> Diseases STDs l 2 years ago

Of all the awful STDs out there in the wide world waiting patiently to strike, HPV-or genital warts-is probably at the top of the "cringe" list. No one wants to begin a night of passion only to

Health & Fitness> Diseases STDs l 2 years ago

Heavy equipment operators are almost always required to get a pre-employment physical examination prior to their first day of work. The reason is simple: the men and women who handle large, heavy

Health & Fitness> Healthcare Systems l 2 years ago

What is Shingles? Shingles is skin condition caused by the same virus that gives people chickenpox, literally. After the varicella zoster virus gives you chicken pox it stays dormant in your body for

Health & Fitness> Medicine l 2 years ago

In NYC when someone hears the word testing, they usually think about the stress of sitting in a sterile classroom about to be hit with math examples. What they don't usually think about is herpes.

Health & Fitness> Diseases STDs l 2 years ago

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