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Steve Pomper

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Steve Pomper is a police officer and author living in the Great Pacific Northwest. He writes about police, libertarian, Seattle, and writing issues. His articles have appeared in American Iron Magazine, the Seattle Police Officer's Guild: The Guardian,,, as well as other webzines. Steve is also an "Expert" author at,

Steve is the author of three books "Is There a Problem, Officer? A Cop's Inside Scoop on Avoiding Traffic Tickets," (The Lyons Press 2007) "Seattle Curiosities" and "It Happened in Seattle" (Globe-Pequot Press 2009).

Steve is currently working on his novel,"Two Up," a crime drama, with a backdrop of the biker lifestyle and custom motorcycle building adds an interesting hue to the story.

Steve is also busy (between 911 calls) working on two other novels, "Shadow Badges," and "Sleep Realm," both dark, urban fiction.

Steve enjoys spending time with his firefighter wife of 32 years and riding his Harley as a member of Police Officer/Firefighter motorcycle club.

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