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Kevin Schoeninger

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Kevin Schoeninger's lifework is self-development and spiritual growth through daily practice. He graduated from Villanova University in 1986 with a Master's Degree in Philosophy and is certified as personal fitness trainer, qigong meditation instructor, Life Coach, and Reiki Master Teacher.

Kevin's published programs include:

*The Power of Practice Program

*Learn Qigong Meditation Home Study Course

*RAISE YOUR VIBRATION: A Guide to Core Energy Meditation

*The Life You Are Meant To Live Program

*Holistic Fitness Training Program

His programs are available online through The Mind-Body Training Company.

Feel free to email Kevin with your questions through the "Ask the Instructor" link on The Power of Practice Home Page.

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Did you know that the American Medical Association has cited stress as the primary cause of at least 60 percent of all illness? That figure may climb to 95% when stress is considered simply as a

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What if your feelings conveyed the instructions that activated your DNA and determined your health? What if your happiness was an effect of your dominant thoughts? What if your life was the result of

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