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Peter M Quinn

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Hi, I'm Pete, a young 53 year-old ex-Forces member from those halcyon days of the 70's (sigh). It's been a long 30 year slog to finally accept that old adage, "you'll never have enough in your life if you work for someone else, they'll just get richer off your back" How very true! My dislikes are few, but one I DO find gut-churning is the meteoric rise of the "me, me, me" brigade, y'know the type - I want it now, it's my right, stuff everyone else! My likes are simple, which probably reflects the way I was raised: Integrity, decency, respect, loyalty, honesty & above all, trust! Anything wrong with that? I think without any doubt, the best way to achieve any kind of success is to help others to help themseves. In other words - teach others the way to do it, then have them do the exact same to others!.....Powerful stuff! Well that's only my opinion but that mantra certainly works for me, as I now work for myself, at home & doing ok. Regards Pete.

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The term Dupuytren's Disease derived from Baron Dupuytren in 1831, when he used a minimal invasive needle technique in an attempt to correct it. Dupuytren's disease or contracture of the hand is a

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