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Crystal Jackson

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Hey everyone, I am so happy to be here on ezine. I have been writing for a small paper for the past few years along with holding a small town job. I really enjoy writing and have decided to try something new here at ezine articles. Mainly, since finishing university, I have been focusing on saving the money for a house. Recently I purchased a nice little place in the country. Almost 4 acres pretty much surrounded by trees. So nice and quiet. I will get the things that I desire. I have found a pretty nice guy. I do believe this is the one, but don't tell him that . . . gotta keep him on his toes.

He has been helping me update the house in the past few months. I am looking forward to having the hydro updated next week. We have those fuses and are updating to a 100 amp service with breakers. I hate having to replace fuses every time I forget to unplug the coffee maker when I turned on my hair dryer. That's just how bad a 60 amp service is. Anyway I'll let you all know how it goes.

I am an environmentalist, animal and human rights activist. ( not an extremist though )

I do hope that I can find some interesting items to write about that will interest you.

Let me hear from you.

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