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Carolyn Wilkinson

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Carolyn has been the Marketing Manager for what was initially Reflections On Rarotonga and then more recently for Rumours Luxury Villas & Spa Rarotonga.

Carolyn has 10 years experience in the marketing sector for 5 star accommodation and as the position has been a full time one over the 10 years, has worked through significant changes in the methods of marketing that have become more effective in an ever changing world.

Carolyn was born in New Zealand but has lived for the last 9 years in the Cook Islands and the blend of travelling between New Zealand and the Cook Islands has given valuable assistance to marketing trends and being able to implement these in the 5 star markets.

She has travelled extensively through the USA, Europe and more recently Indonesia, which has also been of significant assistance in gaining marketing experience when staying in similar 5 star properties to the one she is marketing.

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