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Having worked in the tourism industry for over five years, before and after graduating from university in London, Susan Crown brings a refreshing approach to the latest goings-on in the worldwide travel sector. Originally born in Cuba, from an early age due to her father's job as a representative of Cuba's national flag carrier, Susan travelled extensively and lived in various parts of the world, thus being able to draw from her own experiences and take inspiration from the exotic destinations she has visited over the years.

At present she is a travel news editor at The Holiday Place; a London-based UK tour operator specialising in Cuba holidays and other exotic destinations in the Caribbean, Africa and the Indian Ocean. She first joined the company as a part-time staff member during her university years and after graduating took on a full-time position as web editor. Thanks to her worldwide travels to exotic destinations including the Far East and the Middle East and what she's learned from the tourism industry during her working years, she has been able to grow with the company and expand her knowledge in the worldwide holiday sector with a flexible angle and covering a wide scope of travel news.

As a passionate traveller herself, with a devoted interested in the field of international leisure and hospitality, Susan's keen interest in the travel industry is reflected in her articles; shedding light on the latest happenings in the tourism world with a refreshing angle and from an original perspective. In a world where travel news grow old by the second, she keeps her content fresh, informative, relevant and up to date.

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