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Paul M Maher

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I am both a sports psychologist, in which I have a PhD and a Master practitioner of Clinical Hypnotherapy. Always having an involment in sports, I began my career in the Health & Fitness Industry in the 1980's as a manager/trainer of a gym. An interest in sport injuries took me into sports therapy and I also improved my qualifications by becoming a REPS3 Exercise Professional. Having an awareness of the limited mindset athletes can develop, I began to study hypnotherapy and sports psychology. I have written a series of eBooks on cricket, soccer, tennis and bodybuilding all with the aim of providing tips and techniques to maxamise sporting performance through sports psychology which are available as downloads from my website with hard copies of A Mind 4 Cricket and Soccer Mind are available from bookstores.

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Often overlooked, correct breathing should be carried out at all times, not only when you feel tense, as it calms your body and mind. When you breath normally, your subconscious is maintaining the

Recreation & Sports> Tennis l 2 years ago

There are few trials worse than a long walk of shame back to the changing room. Anger is born out of frustration and expectation. It feeds on itself. When you allow anger to get the best of you, it

Recreation & Sports> Tennis l 2 years ago

Anchors exist all around you. Have you ever come across an old photograph which created a pang of nostalgia? Heard an old song which was popular during a special time of your life? Smelt a particular

Recreation & Sports> Tennis l 2 years ago

Also known as internal dialogue, self-talk is simply the way you talk to yourself inside your head. You worry over a bad innings, congratulate yourself after a good result, even tell yourself how

Recreation & Sports> Cricket l 2 years ago

By understanding how your mind functions, you will be able to utilise its power, to get the most from yourself or those you coach. It is often claimed we use less than ten percent of our mind,

Recreation & Sports> Cricket l 2 years ago

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