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Alan Wighton is an independent health researcher, cancer being his main focus and has researched all aspects of the disease for many years. He has attended conferences on cancer both at home and overseas. He is the author of the book "Cancer, its Causes and its Cure" which was written to give people many important facts about cancer they weren't being told. Cancer treatments today are all about making money, anything natural that's not drug based is suppressed because they are not profitable. There are natural ways to treat cancer which are far more effective because they treat and correct the reasons why the cancer first appeared and that allows the body to heal through the immune system.

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Today we are being educated about cancer from what we see and hear on television or read in the newspapers and a lot of this information is not true. Unfortunately the decisions we make on our

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We have an epidemic at present, especially in western developed countries and its call cancer. The sad reason why someone dies of the disease is because most medical doctors rarely acknowledges the

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We are conditioned today to believe almost anything as long as the information comes from a trusted source. We believe the curing and healing of a disease as a complicated science that is best left

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