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Gerald White was born in West Texas during the height of the socio/economic disaster that came to be known as the "Dust Bowl". Vowing never again to be poor, he attended Texas Tech University and embarked on an Engineering career that spanned multiple diciplines. Career stops included Varian in Palo Alto, California and Texas Instruments in Dallas. In 1972 he founded his own company to pursue interest in hydraulics and plasma physics. He maintained an active program of teaching engineering short courses in both the U.S. and abroad. This also included United Nations lectureships in China, India, and Indonesia. He disovered a high energy plasma process which resulted in inventions that came from solving fundemental scientific problems in several fields. Licensees include Texas Instruments, Baker Hughes, TU Electric and Westinghouse. At the time of the cancer in 1993, he had 27 active patents in 9 different countries. The huge size "20 pounds" of the kidney cancer was aggrevated by its spreading to distant organs as convetional treatments failed. Using the best of scientific dicipline he went to the internet libraries to work out his own self -directed program of guided imagery. He promised one and all that if he did survive, he would make this methodology available in an understadable form to simliar desperate patients all over the world.

Gerald has served a term as a Director of the National Kidney Cancer Association. Through his website he maintains an active mentoring program for patients with all types of cancer all over the world. His books have been translated into Chinese and Hungarian. Over the years countless other patients have achieved remission by this patient friendly, non-invasive, self-administered and cost free program without a dime changing hands.

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A bit of gallows humor contrasts the present day double blind clinical trials, the "gold standard" for evaluating drugs for the treatment of cancer, with what would be considered meaningful and

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