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Surya Kiran Ganti

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A writer, A trainer and a businessman is how I can describe myself. Incidentally both my passions of writing and training help me run my business, making the profession more likable.

I have rich experience as a writer, writing poetry and prose for over a decade.

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Cloud backup, as the name implies, is a kind of backup plan that is used to store data and information in the 'cloud' or in a remote server, other than the computer itself. In the cyber world, this

Internet Businesses> Product Launching l 2 years ago

Every company big or small has to have a cloud backup service that it can fall back on when it has large amounts of corporate data at stake. Companies cannot afford to be careless when it comes to

Computers & Technology> Data Recovery l 2 years ago

Are you one of those individuals who love to entertain people around them by pulling up a new trick or a harmless stunt? Have you been thinking of new ways to entertain a gathering at your home? If

Gaming> Communities l 2 years ago

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