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Hi. I'm Rachel Berret, a big advocate seeing an osteopath for your health complaints. Osteopaths are manual practitioners that help to eliminate back pain, neck pains, headaches and other pains that can limit your enjoyment of life.

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In its simplest sense, a water filter is a mechanism that is used to remove water impurities thus making the fluid more potable for drinking and for other purposes. With the many hazards in the

Health & Fitness> Environmental Issues l 2 years ago

Since your childhood, you have been told of the so-called proper ways of doing certain things. You are taught the proper way of sitting, standing and walking. In other cases, you are also taught of

Health & Fitness> Physical Therapy l 2 years ago

You may know nausea from experience especially those times when you ride a bus or when you are feeling a bit heady. It is actually that feeling of queasiness that is almost always associated with

Health & Fitness> Diseases l 2 years ago

It is really uncomfortable when you have cough not just because of the hoarseness in your throat or the constant heaving from your chest but also due to the presence of phlegm. It is uncomfortable

Health & Fitness> Diseases l 2 years ago

Have you ever wondered just how many reflexive reactions your body can produce when it is assaulted by foreign objects that irritates and harms it? It is quite amazing how the body works as well as

Health & Fitness> Diseases l 2 years ago

  Have you ever been in a car accident that has damaged your neck? Or have you at least known someone who has had such an experience? Have you noticed that after the incident, they may have had

Health & Fitness> Diseases l 2 years ago

It is quite scary to hear that you may have a concussion. Usually, the natural response would be to panic because usually doctors who announce such seem extremely serious. And yes, a concussion can

Health & Fitness> Diseases l 2 years ago

In your body, there is a heterocyclic compound composed of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen. This is a salt-forming compound that is highly associated with kidney stones. But aside from kidney

Health & Fitness> Arthritis l 2 years ago

Everybody is afraid of getting hurt or of being in pain. You can consider it as a discomforting feeling or a state that you have never liked because it hurts you and bothers you to the point that you

Health & Fitness> Pain Management l 2 years ago

Health experts maintain that a diet of fewer carbohydrates is very beneficial to your body as you would have a smaller chance of gaining too much weight. By less carbohydrates, it means you should

Health & Fitness> Popular Diets l 2 years ago

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