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Rachel Lim Shuling

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Having a happy relationship takes a fair bit of work. Read my articles now and learn how to be cherished and adored by a man you love too!

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Being able to attract a quality man is only the beginning. If like most women, your goal is to be happily married to a man who loves and cherishes you forever, you now need to learn how to keep a

Relationships> Enhancement l 2 years ago

I understand how bad it feels when your boyfriend doesn't call because I used to have the same problem. Over time, I finally figured out how to talk and get what I want from my boyfriend without

Relationships> Communication l 2 years ago

The best answer I can give for 'Why do boyfriends abuse their girlfriends' is: Because they do not know any better. If you have been, or are being verbally, emotionally and physically abused by your

Relationships> Domestic Violence l 2 years ago

It has been said that men are visual creatures. And the feedback from other people is that you are pretty. Yet, it seems that guys resist approaching you! I know how it can drive your heart and mind

Relationships> Singles l 2 years ago

It can be emotionally devastating to discover your boyfriend does not want to get married. When it happened to me, I felt extremely confused. Here is what I did to get myself out of the mess, and

Relationships> Readiness l 2 years ago

Of course it hurts to see the man you love and care about feel so down and unhappy about himself. Thus, you are researching about how to make a guy feel good about himself. This is very kind and a

Articles Categories> Relationships l 2 years ago

Being taken granted by your boyfriend is a torturous fate I have encountered in the past. As a result, I've done my best to equip myself with the necessary knowledge and skills to prevent it from

Relationships> Enhancement l 2 years ago

Need to know whether he's serious, or you're just wasting your time? Here are 5 signs he wants to pursue a committed relationship with you that can help decide what your next step should be...

Relationships> Readiness l 2 years ago

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