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My name is Valik Rudd and I am based out of beautifull city of Spokane in Washington. I am a graphic & web designer. Most of the skills and knowlege I have are self taught, but I did attend a small private school for a nine month Website Design program. Shortly out of school I got a job doing some web design for a small ISP in Spokane. There I learned programming in PHP and MySql. While working on their website I also practiced my skills on my own websites. Slowly, I nudged my self into the world of Internet Marketing, researching the search engines and learning every tip I could get my eyes on.

Six years later I decided to change the scene a bit and got a website design position at a medium sized retail and wholesale company in Coeur d'Alene, ID. I innitially started out as a Website designer and programmer, I started without any knowledge of ASP and within six months picked it up and am now programming fairly complicated projects using ASP and SQL. I also performed Internet Marketing and SEO for the company websites.

Currently I maintain a number of my own websites and do freelance website design and programming work. My major personal project is a Website Design Ideas Blog at It was started in September of 2007 and within three months built organic traffic of 8,000 to 10,000 unique visitors per month and a Google Page Rank of 3. The readership & subscriptions to the blog continues to grow.

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