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Teresa A. Naylor is an entrepreneur, and published platinum author. She is the owner and operator of her e-commerce coffee retail site, Grind It Fresh. She would like to invite you to visit, a retail coffee site that offers freshly ground coffee beans, whole coffee beans, caffeinated coffee, decaffeinated coffee, and flavored coffees. The site also retails coffee equipment such as espresso makers, burr grinders, and gifts with name brands like LaPavoni and Bialetti. The best way to describe Grind It fresh is found in the mission statement: WE know coffee; we love coffee; and we love people who share our passion! Be sure to visit our site and our blog. Tell us what you would like to see us offer on the website and what you would like to hear about coffee. We listen to our customers, as we are interested in making and growing long lasting friendships world wide with coffee drinkers for many years to come. Every day is a gift! Make it wonderful! Enjoy your cup of coffee fresh every time. Buy it fresh, grind it fresh, and brew it fresh! We offer the finest gourmet coffee on the internet today.

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Bring your suggestions to the table the next time you enter a workshop discussion about the benefits of roasting your own coffee. Define the attributes of raw Kona coffee cherries by acting like a

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Who knows more about a perfect cup of espresso or cappuccino than Italian coffee lovers? And who makes the best espresso machines and cappuccino makers known to humankind?

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