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Rashiid K Coleman

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Rashiid is known by many as a "young man with an old soul". His wisdom and insight have proven valuable to countless numbers of people from all walks of life. Rashiid is known in many places, foreign and domestic, as a teacher, leader, speaker, entrepreneur, counselor, author, mentor and friend.

His heart's passion is to inspire and challenge people to maximize their potential and to fulfill their goals and dreams. He has taken this influence to places as far as Chennai and Kerala, India, and Uganda, Africa where he has witnessed thousands grow beyond their circumstances and cultural beliefs.

Rashiid K. Coleman is blissfully married to Shelia, his beautiful wife of twelve years, and he joyfully cares for their two children Caleb and Kyla.

He has facilitated seminars and community meetings as well as participated in workshops and conferences where he has had tremendous impact in the lives of those in attendance, but a great part of his service is in counseling, coaching, and teaching.

He has brought quality and value to every organization he has served or assisted. He has an uncanny ability to see to the heart of the most complex issues and offer clear and effective action plans, resulting in the timely resolution of those issues. For this ability he is sought after by church leaders, business professionals, community advocacy groups and programs, and many individuals for personal guidance.

He is progressive and contemporary in every way and influences evolution and expansion in the lives of all those he has the privilege of encountering along his journey. He is a man committed to results and his determination is unparalleled.

He is also the Founder and CEO of 4 Regal Living, LLC. 4 Regal Living is a personal development company specializing in holistic living, spiritual development, business development and management, and success coaching. Regal Living intends to awaken, inspire, and instruct people to realize the extraordinary life they truly desire.

He has also co-authored a book, THE BELIEVERS GUIDE TO THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, which he co-wrote with his long time friend Jerry A. Thompson. The most recent accomplishment of note is his addition to the 2012 Madison's Who's Who list and publication.

Rashiid K. Coleman is truly a Renaissance Man in this age of modernity.

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