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Waleed Khalid Shaikh

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Hi, thanks for visiting my profile. This is waleed and i'm 26 with a lot of hope and courage. Writing has always been one of the paramount sources of inspiration for all of us in general and for me in particular.

I've never been-perhaps to my shame-a citizen of writing. I don't belong to writers' organizations, or attend writers' talks and panels, or lunch with publishing potentates. I don't hang out with writers. Writers tend to be not as interesting as they think. What they mainly want to talk about is their own writing, and they also have a ton of grievances, their conversation quick to alight on the perfidy of publishers, the lassitude of editors and agents, and the myopia of critics who reviewed-or didn't review-their last book.

To me all work is equally honorable, all crafts an astonishment when they are performed with skill and self-respect. Just as I go to work every day with my tools, which are words, the plumber arrives with his kit of wrenches and washers, and afterward the pipes have been so adroitly fitted together that they don't leak. I don't want any of my sentences to leak. The fact that someone can make water come out of a faucet on the 10th floor strikes me as a feat no less remarkable than the construction of a clear declarative sentence.

"One of the deepest human impulses is to leave a record of what we did and what we thought and felt on our journey."

My problem with "relationship" is that it means whatever anyone needs it to mean. It doesn't denote a specific act-like, say, "falling in love" or "getting married." Those bold leaps of faith have long been sung by poets and troubadours. But nowhere in bardic lore is there any word of Antony's relationship with Cleopatra, or Tristan's relationship with Isolde, or Romeo's relationship with the girl on the balcony. Cole Porter didn't write "Let's do it, let's have a relationship." He wrote "Let's fall in love." That's what people used to do.


I always remind people not to write for the wrong reasons--marketplace reasons that crush your true identity. Give yourself permission to believe in the validity of your own narrative.

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