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Sue M Broome

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I am the proud owner and CEO of Empowerment 4 You LLC.

I have been working with my intuition and the Angels for many years. From there I was led to getting attuned to Reiki and then Divine Coding. Divine Coding is energy healing known as 'language of the Angels'. It all seemed to fit for me as well as getting attuned to DC Reiki Master practitioner.

I worked with Divine Coding for a few years while still working in the corporate world but have since left and was reawakened to my own energy, The Bridge energy.

The Bridge energy works with transitions, in this life as well as transitioning to the other side. I am able to help others with their transitions and receive messages from others who have already crossed.

All of the energy work I do is blended and shines through in the teleseminars I offer. I share experiences through my blog and know it inspires others. I feel the Angels and the energy coming through the writing.

Other products are in the early stages.

With Empowerment 4 You LLC and The Bridge energy, my intent is to empower others on their journeys and assist with making their transitions easier...

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Grief isn't planned and many times an unexpected visitor, but that's OK. When we are wiling to see what is offered, we can move through it more easily.

Self Improvement> Grief Loss l 2 years ago

Grief is something we all face in different ways every day. Everyone is different in how they work through grief, so the more options you have at your fingertips, the better. These have worked for me

Self Improvement> Grief Loss l 2 years ago

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