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Ruby Starheart

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My name is Ruby and my sister died in an accident when I was 12 years old. The journey that I have been on as a result of this traumatic event early on in my life has been difficult and painful and it has also enabled me to grow beyond where I would have done had I not experienced this death and my family's way of not coping with what happened.

The journey has been long and has been like peeling an onion as I have worked through each layer of pain to find myself underneath. The damage that I underwent could have been limited if there had been someone around at the time who could understand what I was going through and support me with love and care. It has taken a long time for me to come to the point where I know that I can share my experience and help others to work through their own situation around the death of a child or sibling.

I have created Loving Transformation because I want to share my journey with people who are experiencing pain, loss and confusion through the tragic loss of young people who they love.

Loving Transformation is especially for young people who have lost a sibling and for parents who have lost a child. I welcome you to come and share your grief with me and others on my website. I wish this to be a safe place you can come to to share your experience with others who understand what it is like to lose a child.

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It is easy to be overwhelmed by the process of grief and grieving. It is easy to lose ourselves in the pain of the loss. Yet we need relief from this. We need to know that life goes on and that we

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