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Ruth Seebeck

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For more than 30 years, Ruth Seebeck has been a business woman, coach, mentor, Christian counselor and friend. Her life's philosophies are 'Be a Blessing' and 'Don't sweat the small stuff'. Her passion is helping others overcome life's challenges. She offers encouragement, compassion and undivided attention. Ruth is happily married to her husband of 36 years, Ed. They have a grown daughter, a smoke-gray cat and two adorable Japanese Chin pups.

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Perfected Love - to love fully, completely and without reservation. "Is it possible to live that kind of life?" you might ask. And the answer is, "Yes, you can." Here are six essential steps to

Relationships> Love l 2 years ago

Love. Can you define it? Can you show how it works? How do you know if you're doing it right? God gave us the rules of Divine love, a check list to help you measure your own effectiveness. In it you

Relationships> Love l 2 years ago

Grief is as personal and individual as any other part of our lives. And if you've never experienced it, you cannot judge with any accuracy. Death, divorce, or some other life-altering event (like

Self Improvement> Grief Loss l 2 years ago

How do you respond when someone tells you something you know is not true? Don't you talk back? What are you telling yourself... that you shouldn't be? Isn't it time to talk back to yourself?

Self Improvement> Affirmations l 2 years ago

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