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Because of the high cost of fuel, many companies with trucking fleets are worried by their vehicle's fuel consumption. Fortunately, they can turn to GPS vehicle tracking to identify inefficiencies

Business > Innovation l 2 years ago

Schools are now quickly turning to fundraising events to address budget shortfalls. Conferencing services allow fundraising committee members to interact with each other any time despite a busy

Communications> Phone Conferencing l 2 years ago

People from all over the world are now connected to each other more than ever, thanks to applications such as free conferencing. Multinational companies can now better facilitate communication among

Articles Categories> Communications l 2 years ago

A townhome is a smart investment for a young professional because of its many benefits such as affordability, security, and convenience. Today's home builders have engineered creative set-ups for the

Real Estate> Homes l 2 years ago

Because of economic and cultural changes, more and more families find themselves living in multigenerational households. For those who are considering living with their relatives in a new home,

Home Improvement> New Construction l 2 years ago

In business meetings, nothing is more important than clear communication, especially when using a conference calling service. Using the features offered by your conference call provider, you can

Communications> Phone Conferencing l 2 years ago

One of your main goals as a retail business is to develop a positive relationship with customers, as this could mean loyal shoppers and increased sales in the future. Consistently notifying preferred

Communications> Phone Conferencing l 2 years ago

Instead of staying home and gluing yourself to the television, attend the 2011 Rugby World Cup and see everything live. This way, you get to show your team spirit along with throngs of fans and

Recreation & Sports> Rugby l 3 years ago

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