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Hugo E Slabbert

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Hugo E Slabbert has been breeding and training Saddlebred horses all his life long, and has started many other horses of various breeds and types. His whole life has always revolved around horses, and over his lifetime he has accumulated a vast knowledge of a horse's psychology. He has started to document his techniques and experience in two e-books on horsemanship: EASY HORSE, a complete horse training and horsemanship manual for beginners, and SMART HORSE, a very complete and thorough step by step guide to advanced horsemanship. It is to be doubted if it possible to be more passionate about horses than Hugo E Slabbert

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The correct Dressage seat and balance are obtained when there is a perfect line from your ear, the point of your shoulder, the second sacral vertebra, through the hip joint, and from there through

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