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Peter Nisbet

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Peter is an industrial research chemist with an honours degree from Edinburgh University.

He is a professional article ghostwriter, operating from his website Article Services (#1 & 2 on Google), and has a keen interest in the use of articles in internet marketing, a topic on which he considers himself an authority. His books include SEOcious and Article Czar.

He has published other online books on internet marketing, including Articles for Adsense and writes for many well known internet marketing names.

He is also into audio-visual file formats and codecs, and writes on file transfer and playback systems, but loves writing informative articles on anything that interests him.

His pastimes include trivia quizes, puzzles, pool, snooker and reading just about anything from Dickens, Michael Connelly, Tess Gerritson, Sam Bourne and Dan Brown to history and technology. Favorite band: Bon Jovi and The Eagles, and favorite movie: anything historical, sci fi or action, though A Night to Remember was a better Titanic movie than Titanic.

Day job is industrial development chemist, which he wouldn't give up even if had no need to work for money. Living in Wales, Pete was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, his wife is from Eyemouth, Scotland, his daughter Ruth works in Melbourne and his son works for Tesco in IT, based in Hertford, England.

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