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Roy Halpin

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My passion, nature photography has taken me to the Middle East, the tropics and the high mountainous regions of the Americas. The small villages and local farming I found fascinating. Finding personal enjoyment in drinking fine coffee and the wonders of dark Chocolate I took a major interest in those specific farming cultures. Those people have common interests, providing for the family and protecting the land and it's nature. I know I can return and be welcomed and free to roam the lands with my cameras but only after having coffee with the land owners or farmers. Small Batch Roasters was created to help my family and the friends that I have made in the Coffee and Cacao growing regions of the world and selfishly a reason to return for more photographs. A photograph captures a moment of history.

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While we have talked about the health benefits of dark chocolate and brewed cacao products in a previous article, we did not get in to much detail. This article may be considered as too scientific by

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