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Mike McTigue

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Mike is a professional writer focusing on the financial industry. He has worked at car dealerships which give him additional insight into the auto financing industry.

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If you have bad credit and you want to get a loan for a motorcycle there are a couple of ways to get approved. You might consider an equity loan off of your home or try other various things.

Finance > Auto Loans l 2 years ago

If you want a particular type of loan that you can use to purchase a boat but you have bad credit there are many things to think about. This simply means that you can still obtain a loan for a boat

Finance > Auto Loans l 2 years ago

Car financing can also be used to finance an exotic car. This may sound like a conventional car financing.

Finance > Auto Loans l 2 years ago

Cars have definitely become one of the "necessities" in our fast paced world. Gone are the days wherein you could walk to the nearest local shops to get or purchase the things that you really need.

Finance > Auto Loans l 2 years ago

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