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My name is Samantha-Nicola Henshaw. When I worked at a lingerie boutique I noticed that most women who came to the shop were wearing the wrong size bra or they weren't sure of what would suit them. I spent a lot of time fitting women and ensuring that they got the right styles and sizes of lingerie. When I stopped working at the lingerie boutique I decided that I still wanted to use my knowledge and help women to learn what lingerie is right for them and how to know if it fits.

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Muay Thai techniques use your entire body and provide a great work out. Many of the moves have been adapted over the years as other forms of MMA have become well known. It is important that you wear

Recreation & Sports> Martial Arts l 2 years ago

The Bra, a piece of sexy lingerie sometimes taken for granted by the modern woman, yet, what is its' history! Read this article for information about bras, the early forms of support and style used,

Shopping Product Reviews> Lingerie l 2 years ago

Why did feminists burn their bras? Can you wear sexy lingerie, but still be a feminist? Can you wear lingerie for your own pleasure and confident boost? Does wearing lingerie for your partner make

Articles Categories> Womens Interests l 2 years ago

Stockings are well known in the world of sexy lingerie. They make a woman look and feel sexy, they can be worn every day or on a special occasion. If you want to know about the history of stockings

Shopping Product Reviews> Lingerie l 2 years ago

The bodystocking - a naughty piece of sexy lingerie with an outrageous history. To learn more about where the sexy bodystocking came from and what types are out there, then read this article for more

Shopping Product Reviews> Lingerie l 2 years ago

The babydoll has become a very popular piece of lingerie and nightwear, and why not? It's sexy, comfortable and there is at least one babydoll out there for everyone. Babydoll is a piece of luxury

Shopping Product Reviews> Lingerie l 2 years ago

The bustier is a great accomplishment for designers; it is sexy versatile and now thanks to modern technology comfortable and affordable. Whether you want something to create the perfect cleavage for

Shopping Product Reviews> Lingerie l 2 years ago

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