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Gwen Nicodemus

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Member since: Mar 02, 2012

I am a freelancer. I do a lot of random work for various clients. Sometimes I make maps, edit pictures, build websites (usually in Joomla), create templates for websites, edit (substantial and copy) manuscripts, write scripts, create elearning classes, and whatever other tasks seem like fun.

Additionally, I homeschool my two children and teach science classes at a local homeschooling co-op.

My daughter and I volunteer at a ferret shelter once a week, and I build and maintain websites for a couple of shelters.

I enjoy reading, sewing, playing with my ferrets, playing board games with my family, writing, and teaching. Lately, my family enjoys playing Scrabble, Settlers of Catan, and Ticket To Ride. Occasionally we play Risk, RoboRalley, checkers, and chess.

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I have homeschooled my kids from Day No. 1. Sometimes people ask me why I do this, and my initial thought is along the lines of, "Why wouldn't I?" Plenty of valid reasons exist to homeschool.

Reference & Education> Home Schooling l 2 years ago

Getting Science by Brian Clegg targets an audience of elementary school teachers who feel less than confident about teaching science in their classrooms. It's a good book, and after reading this it,

Book Reviews> Educational Science l 3 years ago

Make no mistake. This book is not targeted for computer professionals. If you have a degree in Computer Science or just know a lot about computers, you won't learn anything from this book. This book

Book Reviews> Computers l 3 years ago

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