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Barbara Cagle

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Teacher and mother of 4 I am now empty nesting and turning back to the web to fill all the free time. I have been involved with the internet and website design since about 1989 and I am constantly being asked, "How can I...". Well, the time is ripe for me to convert my experiences into something that others can benefit from. From Broadcast Media Advertising, to genealogy, from cooking to wood working, and all manner of things in between; I can talk to you about website design because I have built dozens of websites in the over 20 years online. I taught classes to senior citizens on how to build their own sites. I can discuss affiliate marketing from personal and practical experience managing my own affiliate programs. I can help you with advertising and driving traffic, from my years in sales and broadcast media marketing and I can give you pointers on writing from experience and backed by a BA in English. I can give you help and recipes because I have over 30 years cooking experience and catering experience. If you need resources, I am an expert at research and can usually find whatever you need. Overall, I have over 40 years of life experience and more than half of that includes internet use. But I will admit, I do get rewarded for all the efforts. I get the satisfaction of knowing that something I have learned will help someone else reach their goals. That is why I am a teacher after all. I always tell my students, don't take my word for anything, go out and do the research yourself. But maybe I can help you avoid some pitfalls along the way.

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