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Founder and Owner of Shine on Brightly, Adrienne Crowther spent the past 10 years supporting and promoting the arts in the Asheville, North Carolina community. Capitalizing on the expertise she gained through her role as the Executive Director of the Asheville Area Arts Council and the rich artistic culture of Asheville she launched Shine On Brightly in 2008. Shine On Brightly offers artist-created vessels for cremation remains, and distinctive memorial art pieces to honor and celebrate loved ones. In an effort to reach new heights in the marketplace, she launched the innovative website, in the spring of 2008. The site offers new and inventive customizable merchandise for her customers.

Crowther's long strings of artistic successes are not limited to her company. She has played a leadership role in one of the country's oldest art councils, the Asheville Area Arts Council. The Asheville Area Arts Council is dedicated to enriching the community by educating people in the Asheville area about the arts, advocating integration of the arts in all aspects of community life and supporting artists and art organizations. In her former role with the Asheville Area Arts Council, Crowther founded the Arts-in-Education program and served as that program's director for six years of her tenure with the Council.

Over the course of her impressive career, Crowther has played an integral role with a number of Asheville-based committees and programs. In addition to overseeing Shine On Brightly, Crowther serves as a current member on the Board of Directors of HandMade in America, a non-profit organization promoting craft and culture for community and economic development in western North Carolina.

As the amount of cremations among citizens dramatically rises, Crowther found a business opportunity, merging together individual artists to commemorate the lives of loved ones, in a unique, innovative way. As a citizen who finds herself well-versed in the concept of the arts as an economic engine, Crowther merged together pathways between individual artists and a wonderful business opportunity.

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