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Andrea DeLuca

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Andrea DeLuca is something of a cross between a ninja & a warrior. Having overcame her battles with negative credit. We all have to start somewhere when it comes to restarting your credit. Andrea hopes to help others create a better and more thorough way of rising above the downfalls of having negative credit. Her main site should help you in getting yourself back on track. Check back for great tidbits and to understand your credit better!

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We've all had it happen. An unfamiliar phone number appears on your phone, and you decide to answer. Immediately you regret your decision because on the other end is the dreaded debt collector

Finance > Structured Settlements l 2 years ago

Credit cards are a convenient way live outside one's means. Credit holders apply to receive credit from banks and businesses; this credit allows them to purchase services and goods immediately and

Finance > Credit l 2 years ago

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