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First to introduce myself: I was born in Bristol, England, in 1937 and educated at Cotham Grammar School, Bristol, and the University of Southampton, finally graduating in 1963 with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. From 1963 to 1971, I was Technical Director of Westwind Air Bearings Ltd., a manufacturer of precision high speed bearings for the computer manufacturing industry. During this period I published two books: Gas Lubrication with Dr N S Grassam (Butterworths, 1963) and The Design of Aerostatic Bearings (Machinery Publishing Co., 1970).

Career in Ghana In February 1971, I took up a post at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana, where in January 1972 I was appointed the first director of the Technology Consultancy Centre (TCC). I started a grassroots industrial development programme in Kumasi and Tamale that attracted the attention of the Ghana Government and international aid agencies, and in 1986 I transferred to the Ministry of Industries, Science and Technology in Accra to extend the programme to all ten regions of the country.

In 1991, I was awarded the OBE for Services to Technical Education in Ghana, a year later I was elected a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London, and in 2003 I was awarded an honorary DSc by Kumasi University.

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Readers of these EzineArticles may find it surprising that someone who knows almost nothing about reptiles should post three pieces about snakes, but on reflection it does seem that life in Kumasi in

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On a visit to a clinic in a small town in rural Ghana an opportunity arose to glance through the incident record book. This documented what might now be described as the accident and emergency

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Visitors to Ghana during the second half of the twentieth century may have been surprised to find that road traffic was dominated by two categories of public transport vehicles: taxis with brightly

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Africans have always been ready to migrate in search of better lives and in the 1960s the relatively buoyant Ghanaian economy attracted many immigrants from other West African territories, most

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From the 1960s, as more African countries emerged into independent life, Western governments and international non-governmental organisations (NGO) have mounted innumerable projects aimed at

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