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David F Bailey

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David has spent the past several years building his business and home from the ground up. Beginning in the 90s he started Sand Dollar Digital Design, Inc. with his wife, Jennifer, and together they manage web sites primarily for small business. Development projects include an on-line reservations system for property management companies, a catalog and shopping cart system called Cartamonga and the largest project, his own on-line content management system, Web SPeED.

The company policy that limits the number of web sites they manage allows for greater opportunities to work one-on-one with each and every client. There are no 'help desk' crews to filter your questions and requests. When you call, you speak with the owners and developers of the company.

In more recent years, David has been building the family home with the help of two sons and extended friends and family. The home currently includes two out buildings and a guest house with plans for an earth sheltered house well under way. Many 'earth friendly' designs are planned throughout the project.

At an early age, he learned to love road trips riding in the back of the family's yellow Volkswagen Beetle across country. Later in life, there were trips to Australia, Hungary, Russia, Scandinavia and a semester of college in the heart of the renaissance, Florence, Italy.

When time and money afford, David travels with his family both domestically and internationally. Travel abroad includes many cruises and extended stays abroad throughout Europe.

As parents, every opportunity is taken to use the experiences to teach cultural awareness, artistic appreciation and an understanding of foreign languages. Patterned after his own time in Italy during college, they have immersed their family in the cultures of Germany, Spain and France living in local communities for as long as a month at a time. The stays typically involve living, shopping, cooking and even getting lost with the native population.

His favorite part of their experiences is sharing them with others and offering advice and recommendations for those seeking new exciting adventures of their own.

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