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Sean Burton

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I love to find out how systems work and fix or make them operate better. This can be human resource engineering with systems and controls, mechanical systems and data control systems that permit operation as well as the system engineering for usability.

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Flip flops are a favorite of many in warm weather. Learn why this type of shoe is not designed for everyday use.

Health & Fitness> Back Pain l 2 years ago

Prolonged periods of coughing can cause back pain. Learn about the types of back pain caused by coughing and how to manage them.

Health & Fitness> Back Pain l 2 years ago

If chiropractic care doesn't help your pain, it may not be the chiropractor's fault. Learn what may be getting in the way of feeling results from chiropractic care.

Health & Fitness> Pain Management l 2 years ago

Back pain is a concern both for new lifters and old pros. Learn how to avoid back pain caused by weight training.

Health & Fitness> Personal Training l 2 years ago

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