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Glenn Cohen

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My purpose, passion and privilege are to guide individuals, couples and organizations towards achieving relationships within themselves and with others that are healthy, happy and harmonious.

The founder of I & WE Coaching, I completed my coaching proficiency skills through the Relationship Coaching Institute and the Coach's Training Institute. Having authored The Journey from "I-TO-WE", I am currently working on my third book, SHOW UP!--Stop Allowing the Past to Determine Your Present

There was a time in my life when I did not SHOW UP for myself, my partner, my son, or others. From these periods of pain grew an intense passion and inspiration to learn and grow. During my transformation, I found my calling to serve others as a relationship coach.

My quest to figure out why I made certain decisions that brought turmoil and conflict into my life began nearly ten years ago. I undertook a massive self-education process to understand the complex emotional, mental and neurobiological factors which contribute to conflicted relationships that develop between individuals and within individuals.

I focus on helping individuals and couples work on their relationships with themselves and with their intimate partners. In addition, conduct workshops for small businesses and large corporations. Whether serving individuals, couples or groups, I share principles and strategies that apply to all four relationship realms.

• Inner relationship with yourself

• Intimate relationship in your marriage or with your committed partner

• Personal relationships with your children, family, friends, ex-partners and community

• Professional relationships with your colleagues, associates and customers

My philosophy of SHOW UP, composed of three parts, offers an integrated guide to achieving authenticity, a peaceful soul, and empowered loving relationships:

1. The 5 Ps: Why Your "I" Makes the Decisions You Make

2. "We" Cycle of Pain: The Process of Destruction and Path of Repair

3. Skills and Techniques: Your Toolbox to Create SAFE Relationships

I reside in Charleston, South Carolina. I coach my clients in my office and worldwide via phone and the Internet. In addition to private coaching, I also conduct seminars, speeches and workshops for groups, adult education classes, civic organizations, businesses, and other associations. I also train other coaches, healthcare professionals, religious counselors, and corporations to use of my innovative program. I invite you to contact m

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"Love and safety create joy - fear and reactivity cause pain." Fear and love cannot co-exist in the same relationship space. Reactivity and safety cannot co-exist in the same relationship space.

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Valentine's Day is a day to show the people we love that we appreciate them and honor the love of the relationship. Valentine's Day is a day for us to show the people we care about that our words and

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