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Phil C Butler

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Phil has many years experience in industrial and employment relations in New Zealand and is the Director of Phil Butler and Associates Limited. He has been admitted to the Bar as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand but does not practice as a lawyer preferring instead to operate a company providing advocacy and consultancy services to employers and employees alike.

Phil is regarded as one of Canterbury's leading employment advocates. He is known for having both an excellent understanding of his client's case, the law and what it provides and advocacy skills that are amongst the best.

He sees his role involving more than just advocacy. It requires him to assist clients with navigating through very difficult times in their lives. The loss of a job, a business, or major contracts, restructuring and redundancy and relationship issues at work are accompanied by intense emotions: Grief, anxiety, sleeplessness and a sense of powerlessness are often present. Success for him is not measured just by the legal outcomes achieved: The client's recovery from the events is the most important measure.

He is also an employer and was an employee. These experiences have taught him the difficulties each face: On the one hand there is managing cash flow, paying tax, recruiting and retaining staff, dealing with different personalities and growing the business; on the other hand there can be unreasonable expectations, lack of recognition and insecurity of employment. He brings this understanding to his practice: It allows him to find solutions that others might not find.

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