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Dana M Shankle

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Hi! I'm Dana M Shankle. I've spent my life overcoming challenges through studying. When I was young school was my safe place, where I flourished and was offered the most support. Even after college if I had health problems, I found a solution through studying techniques to overcome and cope with those problems.

In the early 90's I started practicing yoga simply to learn to breathe easier. I was inspired by my first yoga teacher to study and practice Meditation, T'ai Chi, and Acupressure. She introduced me to her partner, who helped me with Homeopathy and Ortho Bionomy. I was destined to keep studying alternative health techniques to help me overcome other health challenges.

I've had the good fortune to be led to the right teacher or right therapist and right technique when I most needed them. Even though many of my therapists and teachers have passed away, what they taught me or shared with me especially about Meditation, Yoga, Aromatherapy, and Energetic Healing techniques have remained. I honor them and myself by continuing to study, teach, and practice everyday with Lovingkindness.

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