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Dawn Redd

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I'm Dawn Redd and I'm a coach. I believe in the power of sport to teach winning and losing with grace, to inspire its participants to excel, and to create a common goal for the greater good.

Currently I'm the head volleyball and assistant track & field coach at Beloit College. Our volleyball team has made it to our conference tournament each of the years that I've been here, gone 24-6 last season, and I've been named conference coach of the year. I've also coached at the high school, club, Division I and III levels...taking my first collegiate head coaching job at age 24 with the University of Rochester. After playing volleyball at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I accepted a coaching internship working with the men's and women's teams at Princeton University and I've been coaching (and learning!) ever since.

This blog will be a place to discuss coaching techniques and a space for us to make each other better at our craft. Enjoy!

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A sport coach's review of the book The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell. For coaches interested in making an idea go viral on their team, this book could be helpful. I highly recommend this book as

Book Reviews> Non Fiction l 2 years ago

Will a player who can jump high and hit hard be more successful than those who are just average? Not necessarily. Coaches have the opportunity and obligation to create an atmosphere that will put our

Business > Team Building l 2 years ago

I believe in coaches and I believe in coaching. I believe that we have the power to equip young people with confidence and belief in themselves. Moreover, I believe that my job (and yours too, Coach)

Self Improvement> Achievement l 2 years ago

In his book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey talks about beginning with the end in mind. As coaches of female athletes, what qualities do we want them to have when their time with

Business > Team Building l 2 years ago

Fluid intelligence is the type of intelligence we use when we're problem solving. What if we, as coaches, could increase the rate at which our athletes learned...which would then increase their fluid

Business > Team Building l 2 years ago

Conflict is a natural outcome of groups and teams, therefore, we've got to know how to manage it. It's uncomfortable and it's awkward, but teaching our players how to manage conflict will give them a

Business > Team Building l 2 years ago

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