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Samantha Gold

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Samantha or "Sam" is a writer for Gifts of Love and Devotion which sells Christian Gifts in the Chicago area. Sam likes to write and provide tips on planning Christian events such as baptism, first communion, and weddings. To learn more about Christian topics check out the Gifts of Love and Devotion blog.

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Traditions and celebrations remain an important part of family life. We take them for granted on some level--not realizing the true depth of our family ties. No matter how simple the noting of

Relationships> Anniversaries l 2 years ago

Living in a fast-paced society wherein everyone tends to be in complete motion. We tend to forget the tiny details of our lives and oftentimes we overlook the small but significant things our loved

Relationships> Anniversaries l 2 years ago

There have been various arguments about generosity, but the most suitable place to look for information on the same is the Bible. The Bible encourages everyone to give to the less fortunate. It also

Relationships> Friendship l 2 years ago

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