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Carl B Jones II

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Interest: Computer Security, International and Geo Politics, Economics, Finance, writing, Quantum Mechanics, Cosmology, Theology, Classical Music, History, Falconry, Art of War

Favorite TV Shows: PBS New Hour, Nova, Front Line, Futurama, Star Trek Next Generation, The Avengers, etc.

Favorite Movies: The Good Shepard, Matrix, All Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Johnny Mnemonic, God Father I, The Abyss.

Favorite Books: The Art of War, Holy Bible, About Time by Paul Davies, The Prince

Classical: Johannes Brahms, Haydn, Puccini,Joseph Haydn Frederick Chopin, Mozart. Favorite: Carmina Burana

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A GPS tracking device uses global positioning satellites to relay information about target vehicle. GPS trackers have several practical applications for business or private purposes. There are

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