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A tax settlement is an agreement where a taxpayer and the state or IRS come into agreement to settle the tax liability through one of the IRS or state programs. Each state varies on what type of tax

Finance > Taxes Relief l 2 years ago

Many individuals owe back taxes to the IRS that they are unable to pay. Thousands have had IRS levies put on their wages, bank accounts or are receiving frightening letters. They live in fear of the

Finance > Taxes l 2 years ago

Quick Answer: Yes. But first let's learn a little more about the IRS levy: An IRS levy is an authorized seizure of property to satisfy a tax debt. When are IRS levies sent?

Finance > Taxes Relief l 2 years ago

So you have acquired either a "Notice of Intent to Levy" or maybe an actual levy has been delivered to your bank, company or placed on another source of income. A "Notice of Intent to Levy" is a 30

Finance > Taxes Relief l 2 years ago

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