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Sayantani S Roy

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I am a kind of person like many of you who loves cooking and trying new dishes with and without variations. I love researching food and trying new food concepts. Initially I made too spicy food(blamed to the country I belong to)but I have recovered from the disease. Like any average person I work in a firm and find my own special time when I cook.My mother is, has been and will always be my greatest inspiration when it comes to learning any kind of cooking. This blog is a small attempt to pay tribute to her, as well as to nurture my skills with all you talented people out there. In true sense this is my first attempt to globally unite food(and I will keep on doing so). I have never been to any culinary schools and have no idea about any strong questions you ask me about food(i might put you to sleep, by the time I answer). Whatever I have learnt is from the help provided by cookbooks, internet and my Ma.. Share your comments and recipes to make my attempts successful.

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The most common problem that we come up while we are cooking is when we do not find the proper spices in our kitchen. This generally happens because we are not organized, or keep things in its own

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