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Michael R Peterson

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Michael was a commodity broker from 1988 until 1996 and then switched gears and has been marketing online full time since that time. He began with email marketing but his first real success came in 1998 when he began using PPC advertising with (now part of Yahoo). Search engine marketing proved to be his forte and in 2000 he mastered the formula for getting his sites listed in Google. Since that time about 80% of his sales have come as a result of search engine marketing.

Once you have the traffic, the next key is improving your conversion rates. Michael began using streaming audio successfully in 2002 and added his FileStreams video streaming service in 2004. Audio and video proved to be the biggest catalyst for converting more traffic into sales.

In 2010 Michael decided to use his accumulation of search engine marketing and financial knowledge to build informational web sites that help consumers answer questions about ETFs, Health Savings Accounts, Insurance and other financial topics. Each site is written for the average individual and contains all the information that a consumer needs to make an informed decision.

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